Univ. Prof. Gernot Sonneck, MD

1970 MD, University of Vienna
1970-1976 training as MD for psychiatry and neurology
1970-1976 training as psychotherapist (individual psychology, behaviour therapy, group therapy)
1973 Crisis Intervention Center und Center for Selfdestructive Behavior Los Angeles
1976-1979 director of the outpatient clinic of the psychiatric department of the university hospital of Vienna
1977 - Researcher at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Social Psychiatry (Research on crisis and stress)
1977-1983 deputy medical director of the Vienna Crisis Intervention Centre
1983-1999 medical director of the Vienna Crisis Intervention Centre
1983 habilitation in psychiatry
1984-1995 senior physician at the institute for medical psychology Vienna
1985-1995 secretary-general of the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP)
1986- Training and control analyst (individual psychology)
1991 approval as clinical and health psychologist and as a psychotherapist (individual psychology)
1991-1995 provisional head of the institute for medical psychology
1995-1999 member of the Austrian National Institute of Health (OSR)
1996-2010 University professor for medical psychology and head of the institute for medical psychology at the medical faculty
1999-2012 Chairperson of the Crisis Intervention Centre Association



e. g. Stengel Award, Scientific Award of Vienna, Recognition Award for medicine from Lower Austria, Hans Rost Award, other awards (Sandoz-Research award, Theodor Körner Award, Special award to the Theodor Billroth Award, Pharmig Award)


Member of scientific board of following journals

  • Crisis 
  • Archives of Suicide Research
  • Psychotherapieforum
  • Psychologie in der Medizin
  • Studies on Aggressiveness and Suicide
  • Neuropsychiatrie
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