Research Program

The research programme of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Social Psychiatry for the years 2008 - 2010 focuses on two subject areas, which are prominent in the current discussion on health politics, especially in Europe:

  1. Mental and physical health as well as human rights in the case of marginalized and high risk groups of society
    The main research areas are health promotion, the provision of adequate services for these groups and the protection of human rights. The main focus is on strengthening the user perspective, quality of life, stigma and discrimination. 
  2. Societal support and coping strategies, helpseeking and service use behaviour in the case of mental disorders
    Persons with mental problems - regardless of the fact whether they fulfil the criteria of WHO ICD-10 or not - use various kinds of "coping strategies", from the negative end of the spectrum, suicidal behaviour, over more or less informal helpseeking in the social network, to the use of institutionalized facilities in the non-psychiatric and psychiatric sector. Projects carried out in this area are taking also aspects of cost efficiency and quality assurance into account.